During an unguided tour, discover a collection of over a hundred objects, furniture and paintings.


Discover the “Nurturing the body and the soul” exhibition. It’s a collection of over a hundred objects, furniture and paintings illustrating themes ranging from the pharmacopoeia in modern times, medicine and its treatments to life in a Hôtel-Dieu in the 17th century.

The tour continues with the discovery of the baroque chapel and its two choirs, of the chapter room and the refectory, which come to life through a number of collections of furniture and objects having belonged to the community of the religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. The complete tour thus illustrates the art of caring for the sick, the conditions in which patients were accommodated and monastic life in this extraordinary 17th century building.

This woodwork comes from a former Puy-en-Velay pharmacy. It allows to carry on the travel of ancient times cures and treatments. A set of two hundred jars compliment this oaken woodwork. A collection of tools, like a crocodile cork crush, an “ebullioscope” bring you back to the origins of modern pharmacy.

Eventually, discover some medicinal plants in the garden of simples, planted in the square courtyard.