Glyphe Château de Baugé

King René’s Palace

Immerse yourself in the private life of a 15th century ruler

King René’s Palace is, above all, a new staged tour designed for the whole family. A tour full of surprises where you can imagine King René’s daily life.

Palais du Roi René

An original tour with multimedia

Welcomed by His Majesty in person, you’ll discover the Banquet Hall where struggles for power played out at the table or in the King’s Cabinet, the Great Hall where wealth was showcased, the King’s Room reserved for close friends and family, the Chapel and the reliquary of the True Cross, the main staircase to reach the attic space left unconverted, a projection room to learn more about the castle, the giant knight dressed for a tournament, the Forest evoking Nature, so dear to King René, and the magnificent Palm-tree vaulting

At each stage of the tour, there are  different, original tour materials suitable for all ages, to help you understand the reality of a 15th century prince’s life.

The castle and the Hôtel-Dieu are open from April 9th to November 6th 2022