Baugé en Anjou


From architectural heritage…

Baugé-en-Anjou invites you to discover the many facets of its heritage. Strolling around the town of Baugé, once the seat of five jurisdictions, you’ll encounter the monuments of this still-charming little district: its 15th century castle, the Hôtel-Dieu and its 17th century apothecary, the Sub-Prefecture headquarters, the courthouse built during the Second French Empire, the True Cross of Anjou, the pedestrian mall and its music gazebo… Baugé-en-Anjou is also a territory of great diversity where the communes have surprises, mystery and enchantment in store for you. Take off from one village to the next in pursuit of the astonishing twisted spires, dolmens and standing stones, and admire the manor houses or castles in the Baugé countryside on the way.

le kiosque à musique

…to natural heritage

Natural wealth with over 250 km of marked paths, including 2 walking tours in the heart of sensitive natural areas: the Vallée des Cartes in Vaulandry and the Vallée du Couasnon in Vieil-Baugé where a stroll in the shade of hundred-year-old oaks in the Chandelais forest will delight lovers of the picturesque and unusual.

Baugé-en-Anjou also has folk traditions and customs, such as the game of bowls called ‘boules de fort’, not to mention a territory with lots of local arts and crafts upholding the traditional know-how. 

clocher tors

The castle and the Hôtel-Dieu are open from April 6th to November 3rd 2024